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And last year's Railway Stakes winner, Good Project, springboarded from successfully conceding lumps of weight to all bar subsequent BTC Cup victor Malaguerra at Flemington to lead all the way at Ascot Racecourse.The Winterbottom Stakes over 1,200m is Australia's last Group One sprint of the year, the domestic denouement for the magnificent speed machines that scorch the turf.Australian Racing Hall of Fame inductees Better Loosen Up (1989) and Northerly (2000) each won the Railway Stakes in the year prior to celebrating WS Cox Plate glory.Only Tudor Mak (19) and Luckygray (20) have won multiple editions of the Railway Stakes.Come meet new friends and potential dates and broaden your queer women’s community!

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Tickets are currently but will be day-of the event. We’d also like to let you know about the LGBTQ Dating Lab, sponsored by JQ International, will be happening on December 15!

They’ll be hosting a night of friendly or romantic Speed Dating, an exciting lecture on Sex, Intimacy and Judaism, drinks, appetizers, schmoozing, music and more!

Would you like to meet alot of professional singles in a short amount of time at one place? You and your friends are invited to The Belmont Tavern in Milwaukee, WI for a comfortable, intimate, and fun time of socialzing and networking with other professional singles.

Do you have a hard time meeting professionals single in your busy life?

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