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indicating that toward which there is movment, tendency, or position, with or without arrival; opposed to from (de, ek); (cf. — DEFIRSabneg-ar: (tr.) to abnegate, deny one-self; -o, -eso abnegation, self-denial. exp.: Abnegar esas renuncar omna profito, personal interesto o mem plezuro, por konsakrar su ad altru or ad ula sociala religiala verko. Def.: Irar sur ulo o, per extenso, venar flanke ad, bordo an bordo kun ulo (por irar sur ol). to (ulu); -igo: miscarriage (caused); -ig-iva, -anta: abortive (capable of producing and abortion); -ig-ivo, -ilo: something causing abortion; -uro: an abortive child or thing. Def.: Signifikas quaze separita, izolita, sola; VII-154. exp.: On povas presegar stala bulo sen aplastar ol, kontre ke on aplastas argilo sen presegar; III-198. tower; -o-vazo, -krucho: ewer; -o santa: holy-w.; reze di l’aquo: on a lavel with the w.; pluv- -o: rain w.; rejala -o: (chem.) aqua regia; sal-o: salt w., brine, pickle; sod- -o: soda-w; -o-boko: water nozzle, hydrant; -pikturo: washed drawing; -o-sprico: jet of w.; -o-spric-ilo: w. Aranjar afero, mariajo, kofro, lito Aranjar por facar ulo. -frog (Hyla aborea); -eduk-eyo: (hort.) nursery; sen- -igar, des- -izar: to clear of t.s.; dorn- -o: thorn-t. — Eskrib-ar: (tr.) to write (ulo, ad ulu); -(ad)o, -uro: (act, result) writing; -uro santa: Holy Scriptures; -formo, -maniero: form or manner of writing; -a: being written, being in writing; -ajo: what is written: written paper, document; -ala: relating to the writing; -e: in writing; -ita: written; -anto, -into: writer; -isto: professional writer, scribe (N. — De FIRSsluz-o: lock, sluice; -pordo: lock-, sluice-gate; -baseno: l. keeper; -agar: to take (a boat, ship) through a l.; to open a l. — DERsobr-ar: (also fig.) temperate: moderate in food or drink; sparing, abstemious, sober; (cf. exp.: Sokursar signifikas irar rapide e kurajoze helpar ulu, uli, en situeso di minacanta danjero; on helpas ulu en desfortunoza o perturbita situeso per la donaco di adicionala forci o moyeni. Ex.: Sondar rivero, tereno, vunduro, veziko (fig.) l’intenci di ulu.

vers, til); il iris a la kirko: he went to (the) church; il venas de Paris a London: he is on his way from Paris to London; la hundo jetis su a la kato: the dog sprang at the cat; del (de la) esto al (ad la) westo: from (the) east to (the) west; de tempo a tempo: from time to time; de un dio a l'altra: from one day to another, from day to day; de la supro a l'infro: from top to bottom; (dative: indirect object) donez a me la bastono: give me the stick; il parolis ad el: he spoke to her. esas simple forirar de ol sen ula sentimental impliko. exp.: Abdikar dicesas precipue pri la reji o suvereni, qui cesas regnar por transmisar la povo a sucedanto, sive naturala, sive selektata; abdikar ne esas simple demisionar, ma demisionar por ulu, do facante ankore ago di suvereneso; IV-100. L’etimologiala senco esas: irar a (sur) la bordo di ulo. — DEFISabsent-a: absent: not present (de); -(ul)o: absentee; -eso: absence; -eskar: to absent oneself, keep out of the way; -a de Paris: a. Ex.: Aparta parolo (en teatro od en vivo); aparta lernado (lernar aparte, t.e. — DEFIRSaplast-ar: (tr.) to crush, squeeze, squash (soft objects); (fig.) to overwhelm, overburnden, oppress; rul- -ilo: (a steam or other) roller (as on streets). — FISaplik-ar: (tr.) to apply, lay on, impose; -ar su: (fig.) to apply oneself (the mind, attention); -o: application: applying; -ajo: thing applied; -ebla: applicable, apposite, suitable. — DEFIRSaplomb-o: (fig.) assurance, self-confidence, self-possession (cf. — DEFIarbor-o: tree; -ala: arboreal; -atra: arborescent; -oza: woody; -aro: clump of t.s.; -izar: to afforest, plant with t.s.; -kultiv-(ad)o: arboriculture; -gluo: bird-lime; -o genealogi-ala: genealogical t.; -stumpo: t. eben- -o: ebony-t.; Kristo-naskala- -o: Christmas t.; ax- -o: (tech.) axle-t., -shaft; movo-, trans-mis- -o: main-, transmission shaft. — EIskrach-ar: (tr.) to scratch, claw, graze, gall; (of ropes) to chafe; (of clothing) to make a rent in; (cf. Def.: Facar sek(et)o en la pelo (od altra surfaco), do vundeto; IV-656. exp.: La ungli di kato skrachas bonege, ma nule exkorias. — Eskrap-ar: (tr.) to scrape (with a tool), scrape off, abrade; (of chimneys) to sweep; to scale off; -uri: scrapings. ne-ebria, temper-ema, -moder-ema); -eso: temperance, sobriety, moderation; -es-ala soci-eto: temperance society; -e: soberly, with sobriety. — DEFIRSsokurs-ar: (tr.) to succo(u)r: to come to the aid of when in danger; -armeo: relief army. On sokursas amiko en batalio; on helpas la povri, falinto. — DEFIRSsorc-ar: (intr.) to practise sorcery, witchcraft; (tr.) to bewitch; (ulu, ulo): (fig.) to charm, enchant; -(ad)o: sorcery, witchcraft; -eso: (state) bewitchment; enchantment; -ilo: charm; -isto: sorcerer: one who is supposed to be in league with evil spirits; (fig.) wizard, conjuror, magician; -ist-ino: witch.

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On abrogas lego per altra lego, dekreto per altra dekreto, qua nuligas l'antea. — DFIRSabord-ar: (tr.) to land on a (shore, a wharf, etc.); to board (a ship, a vehicle); (fig.) to go alongside, come up close to. — EFISabort-ar: (intr.) to abort, miscarry; (fig.) to come to nothing, fail; -o: miscarriage; -ala: abortive; -igar: to cause a. — DEFIRSabsolut-a: absolute: unlimited, unrestricted; -ajo: (philos.) something unconditioned; -o: an absolute being; -e: absolutely; -ismo: absolutism; -isto: absolutist; ablativo absoluta: ablative absolute. Def.: Expresas relato di kontigueso, di apud-pozeso IV-409. — De FISante: (prep.) before (of time); -a: preceding, former, previous, last, prior; -e: previously, before, heretofore; -eso: anteriority, priority; -ke: before (that); lu arivis ante me: he arrived before me; ante du kloki: before two o'clock; ante ne-longe: not long ago; ante nun: before now; -diluvia: antediluvian; -hiere: the day before yesterday; -lasta: (the one) before last; -mariaja: antenuptial; -mortar: to predecease: die first; -pre-lasta: antepenultimate. — De FIRSantipati-ar: (tr:) to have an antipathy, aversion to (or against); -o: antipathy; instinctive aversion, natural repugnance; -inda: (what is) antipathetical, repugnant; -oza: (who feels antipathetical, full of aversion. — DEFIRSantiqu-a: antique, ancient: of a former epoch; -ajo: an antique; -eso: antiquity; -aj-isto: antiquary. — DEFISapart-a: apart: separately, aside, alone; -a paroli: words spoken aside. ordinar) -o, -eso, -uro: (act, state, result) arranging, disposition; Ex.: Aranjar libri sur tablo. autoro); -ilo: a writing instrument, pen, etc.; -il-aro: stand for ink and pens; collection of writing instruments, pens; en-skrib-ar: to inscribe; en-skrib-uro: inscription; -achar: to scrawl, scribble; -kuseno: a pad to write upon; -mashino: typewriter; mashin-skribar: to typewrite; -tablo: writing-table, -desk. on transformas la bloko a ta figuro korpala; VII-414. — DEFIRSsolicit-ar: (tr.) to solicit: earnestly apply for (cf. suci-ema); -anto, -ero, -isto: solicitor, canvasser. tinklar); -o: sound, ring, striking: -lud-ilo: rattle. EFISsond-ar: (tr., intr.) to take soundings in; (gen.) to sound: ascertain the depth of, explore the nature of the bottom; to fathom; (fig.) to try, test; (med.) to probe (with a probe), to sound (with a sound); (mining) to make a boring; -ilo: (nav.) sounding-line, -lead; (surg.) probe; sound; jetar la sond-ilo: to heave the lead.

— DEFISabolis-ar: (tr.) to abolish; -ismo: abolitionism; -ism-ano: abolitionist. exp.: Abolisar, abrogar, supresar: Supresar esas la generala vorto, la du altra esas specala e teknikal termini. — DEFabon-ar: (tr.) to subscribe for or to (a periodical) igar-ar: to cause (ulu) to subscribe to (ulo); -o: subscription (to a journal); -o-preco: cost of subscription; -anto-, -into: subscriber. : Aborijeno, indijeno: Indijeno signifikas simple la populo (raso) qua habitas la lando de l’origino (historiala). Omna Amerikani qui naskis en Amerika esas indijena, opozite a l’enmigranti ed a l’ Europani (mem samlingua e samrasa), ma nur l’ Indiani e simila rasi esas aborijena; IV-512-3. — DEFIRSabsorb-ar: (tr.,physical sense) to absorb; (fig.) to engross (attention); -o, -eso: absorption; -iva, -anta; -ivo, -ilo: absorbent; -iva papero: blotting paper; -o-puteo: cesspool. — DEFISacens-ar: (tr., intr) to go up, ascend, mount; -anta: ascending, rising; -eyo:place to mount (as stair, ascent); -ilo: lift, elevator, hoist; -o-festo: Ascension Day; -o rekta:(astron.) right ascension. Def.: Efektigar acidento ad ulu (ulo); IV-105, VI-162. Def.; Balonegi qui flotacas passive en l'aero (ne la direktebla baloni a qui esas rezervita la nomo: aernavo). — DEFIRSafecion-ar: (tr.) to have an affection for, to delight in, to be fond of (ulu, ulo); -ema, -oza: affectionate, fond, loving; -ata: beloved, devoted, Ex.: La Polonani afecionas sua patrio. — DEFan: (prep.) at, on (indicates contiguity, juxtaposition); dorso an dorso: back to back. Def.: L'ento metafizikala, la principo di vivo e di penso; V-32. to; apparition (thing visible); to put in an appearance, -anta: apparent, plain, obvious, ostensible, specious; -ar por la formo: show oneself; fantom- -o: apparition (ghost) Ant: Des-aparar. — DEFISarach-ar: (tr.) to pull or drag out (a nail, etc.); to tear out (the hair, the eyes); to grub up (roots); to tear away (a child from its mother); to snatch, wrest, extort, wring (ulo de ulu); Ex.: arachar afisho, konfeso, krii, lakrimi. — FSaranj-ar: (tr.) to arrange: make orderly disposition of, dispose of in a proper manner; (cf. Def.: Produktar statuo en korpala naturaleso od en vera reliefo; VII-414. On cizelas perspektiva figuro sur bloko, on gliptas reala figuro sur bloko, ma on skultas figuro de bloko, t.e. — DEFIS son-(ad)ar: (intr.) to sound: emit a sound; (of clocks) to strike; -igar: to ring (ulo); (cf. Sonigar (ulo) por la retreto, por servisto, por la dineo.

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