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All Argentinian mobile numbers ( 54) should have a 9 between the country code and area code. The final phone number will have 13 digits total: 54 9 xxx xxx xxxx Mexican numbers need to have a 1 after 52, even if they are Nextel numbers.

However, starting May 3, 2008, all landline numbers must be dialled in full.

At these rates, it doesn’t take long for that saving to mount up to something significant!

With a Planet Numbers ‘PIN-Less Calling Account’, you can use any landline or mobile, on any network to make super-cheap calls to Hungary.

Center 31-800-9977-57 Tech Net Subscription: 353-1-703 8738 MSDN Subscription: 353-1-708-8690 Microsoft Information Center: 32-2-481 52 52 Bulletin Board: 32 2 726 85 45 (1200/2400/9600/14400 bd, 8N1, ANSI) Technical Support: Microsoft México, S. Phone: ( 40) (1) 222 90 16 Fax: ( 40) (1) 222 90 12 Technical Support: ( 40) (1) 312 09 48 Microsoft Z. Bratislava Business Center IV Prievozska 6/A 821 09 Bratislava SLOVAK REPUBLIC Phone: 421-7-5341 9841 Fax: 421-7-5341 9840 Hotline: 421-7-67 296 296 Infoservice: 421-7-67 296 297 Y2K Infoservice: 421-7-67 296 200 Microsoft d.o.o.

Our revolutionary technology has removed the need for a PIN.

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