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Whether you are looking to upgrade from your existing car or buy a new one, NZCU Baywide are here to help. This webinar discusses the benefits and shortcomings of different technologies through reference architectures to meet big data needs. In this webinar, we cover basic concepts in the Windows container world. A big part of this renovation will be continuing requirements to reduce IT spending and cut IT costs. | GMT: As we have often heard, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." This session examines major hacking incidents, including the recent hack of the Democratic National Committee, to look for lessons learned, to predict future attack trends and to outline defensive strategies to address these trends. Relational and nonrelational databases such as No SQL provide key characteristics and features to meet different use case requirements. | GMT: Docker's success has created a lot of buzz around application containers in the Linux world, but many enterprise applications run on Windows. | GMT: The core of IT must be renovated to prepare for the age of digital business.For eons, managed file transfer has done the heavy lifting of digital file exchange, with IT shouldering the pressure of handling growing volumes and sizes.Now, business managers can seize on MFT to reduce costs, improve compliance, and open new revenue streams using the cloud and big data.

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There are two elements to this standardization: adoption of standards, so IT teams can manage all infrastructure components under a single umbrella, and standardization on the infrastructure itself.

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